Pinky,Are you pondering What I'm Pondering? (so___sedated) wrote in __kurt_is_god,
Pinky,Are you pondering What I'm Pondering?

Hola, My name Is Keeley.. I live In Florida..And I LVE  Kurt Cobain I think he is a fucking genious lyrically.I'm 14.

My three favorite Bands are Nirvana-Led Zeppelin and Nine Inch Nails,I can't choose between the three. I also Like Mudhoney,the Screaming Trees,The Foo Fighters,Atreyu,The Smashing Pumpkins etc.

I Love Surreal Art. And I think Salvador Dali is Amazing.

I play a 4-string yahama bass with an Upside down Nirvana sticker on it,Thanks to my sister.

And here are two pictures of Myself.

There is Me.


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