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Kouga and Ayame
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about the community

This community is for anyone who enjoys and loves the relationship between Kouga and Ayame from the Inuyasha series. Post up just about anything concerning the two, whether it be fanarts, fanfiction, icons, images, anything!


::- Try and keep the topic centered around KougaxAyame, for this community is devoted to the two.
::- Use Lj-cut if you're placing long posts or huge amounts of pictures.
::- Adult-content material must also be placed under Lj-cut with a readable warning.
::- No Bashing other characters.
::- Don't bash the couple, and say 'Kouga and Ayame sucks' and what not, because this is after all a community dedicated specifically for them. Why else would you be here...?
::- Be nice to the other members and respect everyone's opinions.
::- And last but not least, have fun! As always...


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*Note: Only Inuyasha related...

Kouga/Ayame-- A Promised Love.

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