A request!

Well, I'm going to be in the artist alley at A-Kon this year! Something that the rest of my group only reminded me of... yesterday. Since most of my art for the convention is already finished, I've decided to go ahead and do some fanart requests for the rest of what I'll be taking. So, I have a favor to ask of you guys. I'd like you to tell me fanart that you'd like to see! Scenarios, just general characters... anything. Any series, any detail. So, help me out? Thanks!
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Ayame fanfic

Title: An Iris in the Water
Genres: Drama, Romance, a little Humor, Angst
Rating: PG-13/T
Word Count: 4,513
Pairings: Ayame->Koga, Hojo->Kagome, OC->Hojo, Inu/Kag, Kag/Koga
Spoiler Warnings: spoilers for manga chapter 447
Author's Note: Written for hardlyfatal at iy_flashfic.
Summary: [one-shot] Ayame is determined to win Koga's heart, even if it takes her more than one lifetime. Reincarnation!fic.

FanFiction - LOST!!

It's not MY fanfic but it was deffinately a good one! I can't remember the title and I know it was either on or Either way it was a very well-written story about how Ayame and Kouga's tribes merged, she had to marry him, and it pretty much goes from there. Anyone know what I'm talking about? ^_^; Anyways, I'd love to catch up on it if anyone knows where to find the story.
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Join us

Hey all. Nice community. I have one too. It's called inuyasha_andwho  We talk about alot of things but it seems we're missing some love from the Kouga and Ayame fans. We'd love you're thoughts on said subject so feel free to join us. I've already joined you but until I et into the episodes where Ayame comes inot the picture I'm afraid I don't know too much about her yet. ^.^ have a good day.
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hey does any1 no where i can get good inuyasha banners?

if any1 can let me no, that would b great.

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