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Kohl's Department Store
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NEW GUIDELINES AS OF 20-NOVEMBER-2005: You must now receive approval from one of our two moderators in order to become a member of the Kohl's Internet Community. We will decide whether or not you are a legit associate or employee of Kohl's. The owner/operator, madrigalskylark will then grant you posting access once you become a member. This is to keep vandals from entering the Kohl's Internet Community, an issue we've been dealing with lately. Thank you for your understanding.

This community is for any of Kohl's wonderful and dedicated associates. Whether it's truck unload, ad-set associate, point of sales or just a floor associate, the Kohl's community on LiveJournal is the prime place to vent, let your frustrations out, or tell a story or two.

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Your Moderators:

Screen name: madrigalskylark
Real name: Matthew
Title: Manager
Moderator since: 6 October 2005
Notes: Took over when our founder, pinkokapis quit in January.

Screen name: sweet_pea10
Real name: Mandi
Title: Moderator
Moderator since: 20 November 2005
Notes: 2-7 manager in Texas.

Screen name: moonbunnychan & vicksterg
Real name: Susan & Vicki
Title: Co-moderators
Moderator since: 9 July 2006
Notes: Elected on 9 July 2006

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