Ok, I just need to rant about this. I'm getting really sick of Kohls and their commercials that state thats its no problem if you dont have your receipt. What if it's from 2008 and has no tag and no UPC????? It is a problem then. I'm so sick of getting customers who have things from 5 years ago and want to return it with no tag or anything. Does kohls really know what we have to do. I don't think so. Also, my 01 said that in June that we could just scan the receipt and the computer will be able to adjust the 15% off, well it's July and we still cannot do that. They know what we need to do to adjust that. And I'm sick of getting yelled at and screamed at for not accepting debit to make a payment on a kohls charge account. Back to the take back the item no matter when you brought it crap, this lady brought this item back it Jan.2009 and she has her receipt, but it prompted store credit and then she made a big fuss. I really wanted to say to her, "buy something at Target and then try to return in 6 months later and see if they take it back". I feel that if you have your receipt, then its fine that you rreturn it, but if you don't and it clearly has been worn and washed 4687687 times, then give it to goodwill. Goodwill will put it to good use, and Kohls will damage it out. I cannot wait till Dec.2010 when I get my degree and hopefully will get a new job. Thanks for reading my rant if you did :)

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I've told a lot of Kohl's horror stories here before, but never before have I had to deal with somebody who was just utterly and completely nuts. I've called people crazy before, but never, ever anything like this.
It's hard to put into words even, aside from just utterly and completely mentally unhinged.
As I've mentioned before, I think the Kohl's return policy is entirely too liberal. This woman came in with bags, and bags, and bags, and bags of stuff. Like, trashbag size bags. None of it had tags and I guess just for good measure it was all inside out. Then she plopped down about 50 receipts. None of this stuff was sorted, so there was no way of telling what was on what receipt. All I could do was go item by item through each receipt line by line to find it. Most of this stuff was circa 2007. The earliest thing I found was 2004. Being that old also meant that I had to hand key in everything. I have never wanted to just tell somebody "f*ck" more.
To make matters worse though is the fact that she was just....nuts. She was just babbling on and on and on, repeating herself often, and then randomly laughing. She'd also randomly "woo hoo". She talked to anybody else that was around the service desk and asked anybody she saw about the weather. Finally I told her to just go sit down, because she'd try to "help" me and just end up mixing up what receipts I'd gone through looking for something and what I hadn't. She also kept...I guess it was like bragging...about how long it'd taken her to get all this stuff, and laughing like she was just having the best time ever. She also asked me like maybe 10 times if "the really attractive lady" still worked here at Customer Service. She'd wandered off to go return some jewelry at the jewelry counter too...which was like...all shoved into a box with all the tags in a ziploc bag and like another 20 receipts. The people at the jewelery counter were like "" and sent her so she came back to customer service and wanted to talk to the manager. Our store manager was nearby so I grabbed her and several times this lady was like "hey you're the one with the picture on the wall" to her.
Four hours. I spent four hours with this woman and her thousands of dollars of returns and never ending bags of stuff(I actually stayed two hours over to deal with it). Finally the store manager had had enough of her and told her we'd spent enough time dealing with her and not to come back until she had her stuff sorted out because this was totally ridiculous. She called corporate and there's now a freeze on her charge account because she was "mentally unbalanced", and the whole incident is being reported to district LP, so I wouldn't be surprised if she just wasn't welcome back, period.
I think...I think she was like a shopaholoic hoarder. I'd hate to see her house. She also bought more stuff on the way out and said she had 5 more bags to return at home. She saw me walking around after I'd clocked out and tried to kiss me "because I was so nice", and I was like "whoa whoa whoa *evasive maneuvers*"

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We recently got this new handheld vacuum cleaner for maintenance to use. One of the guys said it reminded him of the machines from Ghost Busters and upon coming across a sticker put the Ghost Busters sticker on there

One of the managers made them take it off. They said it was unprofessional and it made some people not want to use the cleaner for fear of being ridiculed or laughed at.

This makes me sad. I thought it was awesome. I thought it showed we know how to have fun. Apparently not =/

In other news. They are also taking our fitting room 6-ways away. Mind you we have a high volume store and can barely keep up with the full 6-ways let alone the dinky little racks we are about to be switched over to. I'm sad.
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They printed this out and handed it to all the supervisors at my store...a very interesting read indeed.

I know signs are a big problem in general at my store. It's not the fault of our ad set guys, it's that literally every sign in that store changes several times a week...often every other day or so...or in the event of an early bird can change in the same day. It's impossible to keep up with and fairly needless. Plus, our ad sets USED to be done over night, and now are done while the store is still open, which is, you know, bad, because of course the prices aren't gonna ring up right.

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There's a coupon floating around now that got mailed out to people with Discover cards for use at Kohl's....and I just find that INCREDIBLY strange, given how much they shove Kohl's cards down people's throats.

Crazy Customer

    Tonight at work I had this really crazy customer. He had no receipt at all. He wanted to return this blazer and since he had no receipt you need a license number. Anyway, I put that in and it says corporate refund. He starts yelling  and calling me an idiot to which my manager then tells him not to call me an idiot. He calls her an idiot. And she says, "thank you".  Then he asks why its  saying that and she tells him that you make too many returns without a receipt and it looks fishy. He starts yelling again. He says that she is accusing him of something. He then says whenever I go to this  kohls store I never have a problem. He was a jerk and an a**hole. He says he spends so much at kohls and how our store will be clsoed down. I really wanted to hit him. I was this close.  Anyway, I have never been to a point where I was scared of a customer and neither was my manager. Thanks for reading if you did.

Funny Comment

Yesterday I had a Sunday a rare occurance. I enjoyed it by going to see my Grandma and Aunt. They were asking how work was and I told them pretty good. I really love my store I have a great bunch of co workers that make it fun plus awesome management. So I told my Grandma we open at 7 during Decemeber she turns around and says " Who the hell shops at 7am? I am 80 and for god sakes I want the sleep."

Sick Note New Company Policy?

Hi All,

I am a POS operator and have been with the company on and off for six years. This past Saturday I went to work as usual only this time with a major ear infection. I think after standing about four hours I went on my break and called my Dr's office. My DR was able to see me that afternoon so I asked to go, no problem at all except they wanted a sick note. Thats insane because I normally don't go to the DR everytime I have a cold unless I suspect a sinus infection or something. Is this the case at other stores?


Today our 02 was telling me that Kohl's switched their radio over to a new company or something, and they're getting a new playlist of songs. Did anyone notice that now they're actually playing some halfway decent, not to mention recent stuff? It's about time!