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Version 1: Paris Hilton Is Love....

if you found you were kissed by a star...

Were you kissed by a star?
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Welcome to __kissedbyastar!
This is a rating community for those of you who are looking to apply. Please keep an open mind to the fact that we will judge you by 70% looks and 30% personality from the questions on the application. If you think you are hot enough for this community prove it by filling out the application and letting us be honest with you...good luck<3

The Rules for applying

1. You must apply to the community within the 24 hour time period you join. If you dont plan on applying here please do not join...it is very annoying and very rude to the people who actually want to join.
2. Do not start anything with the mod/mods or the active members here. That is very rude and definatly will not help you get it. In other words its just not smart. By applying you have submited things for us to judge you on keep that in mind also.
3. You have to be at least 14 to apply. Please act your age also. We ask you to be at least 14 because at that age you should have a level of maturity.
4. Read the rules carefully. If you do not do so you will be rejected automaticly no questions asked.
5. When applying in the subject line please write "I awoke to find I was kissed by a star" to prove you read the rules.
6. If a mod or any member of this community asks you to give a salute you must do so before we stamp/accept you. If you fail to do so in the aloted 24 hour time period you will be rejected for that.
7. Do not talk shit to the members or the mods during your voting process. You did apply here for honest opinons remember that because that is what you will recieve. If you feel someone was way out of line during this process feel free to contact the mod/mods.
8. When applying on the on the lj-cut please put "I smile because I was kissed by a star" so we know you read the rules. This will change each week so that we know you read the rules and didnt just skim through them.
9. Also please make a seperate post when applying and make it friends only...failure to do so will result in your application being rejected and deleted without being read.
10. If you are not stamped and a member of the community yet do not comment on anyone elses post besides your own. You should know better then to do this. Failure to do so will result in you being banned from the community.

The Wonderful Members Rules!

1.During the great and wonderful voting process please put a "yes" or a "no" in the subject line. Failure to do so will result in your vote being deleted. If you do this more then 3 times you will be on probation. After 5 times you will be kicked out of the community.
2. We do want an active community here and expect you to stay active and particpate in contests, voting, and the weekly themes.
3. You CAN promote here as long as you im, email, or comment to a mod post. Failure to do so 3 times will result in you being kicked out of the community and you will be added to the banned members page.
4. Please always be honest when you are voting. Dont say "no" because they are better looking then you, have a bf/gf that is hotter than yours, have something you want and cant have etc...failure to be honest during the voting process WILL RESULT IN YOU BEING KICKED OUT AND BANNED !!!! We want this to be a honest and fun community please dont bring the community down with a negative attitude towards someone because you are nothing but a jealous cunt.
5. You may cuss and say whatever you like in the community...I do not care but do not fight amongest each other...I dont think I should have to explain what will happen if you do. But if you are being harrassed by another member contact me and I will handle it.

Rules For The Poor Rejected Losers

1. Leave the community as soon as you are told you are rejected. Yes this means take yourself off the list ASAP!!
2. DO NOT START DRAMA WITH THE MEMBERS AND ESP. THE MOD/MODS!!!! This will result in you being banned and you will be publicly made fun of all over lj...
3. You may reapply in a week with new pictures and a new application. If you do this please change what we asked you too<3
4. If you get banned do not make a new journal and reapply lying and saying you are someone else...we do log IP addresses here so if we think something is funny with your application we will log your IP when you get rejected or banned.

Mod Info
Name: Kaci
Age: 18
Location: Trussville, Alabama
Lj Name: kaci__bean
Aim Screen Name: ximxohxsoxemox
Alternate Aim Screen Name: Take It AwAyXOX7
Yahoo Screen Name: burn_the_sun_burn_the_light
Email Address: lauristhecure@gmail.com
*I also am taking applications for 2 co-mod slots if you would like to be a com-mod please state so in your application or if already accepted please im me or email me with your info and such and I will consider you if you promote, are active with votes, and the contests and such*

[Note #1:June 21st 5:39 am.] The community is offical opened now. We are accepting member applications and co-mod applications. Good luck and I look forward to meeting you all soon. We will have the first Scavenger Hunt up by Friday! Also layout version 1: Paris Hilton Is Love.

No one as of yet lets try and keep it that way people. Dont be half ass stupid and get your name here. That isnt a really good idea<3

The Application
Here is the application. You do not need to use rich text mode. It is completely pre-made for you. Wow isnt that great. Please use spell check before you post your application. If you fail to do so I will reject you without going further with your application and you will have to reapply. If you have any questions feel free to im me at ximxohxsoxemox Oh and fyi grammer is your friend please use it. Thanks and good luck to you!