July 24th, 2007

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fanfiction: Evangelion // and everything we've lost disappears

Title: and everything we've lost disappears
Fandom: Neon Genesis Evangelion
Rating: R
Pairings: Mostly gen, but contains Shinji/Rei, Shinji/Kaworu, Kaji/Asuka, etc.
Genre: For the most part: dark, angst, genfic
Word Count: 3007
Warnings: Violence, disturbing content, spoilers, nongraphic sexual situations.
Notes: 24 Evangelion drabbles/vignettes done to a themeset consisting of the tracknames from the Silent Hill 3 OST. Jumps all over series and EoE canon. I hate this fic so much because it's bad and caused me to lose copious amounts of sleep. Title is from "Mono" by Fightstar.

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