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these are my thoughts written down on paper

it's my only saviour from not saying what i want to say

Writing Journal of siriusly_sex
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Version 1: CSI: Miami
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doctorfumbles is an eighteen year old who is a freshman at Hofstra, an obsessive-posessive fangirl, a rude potty mouth, a crazed friend, a meanie and a designer all rolled into one. She's majoring in Fine Arts/Graphic Design and spends hours upon hours on the computer, "working." Along with school stuff, she watches too much TV and likes to read about/look at pictures of boys kissing.
doctorfumbles has many fandoms she writes about, and many more that she doesn't. If the muse hits her, she likes to dabble about in the CSI-verse, Law and Order: Criminal Intent, some Marvel and DC characters, the Harry Potter fandom, and some rock bands, but what she really likes to write about is original fiction pulled straight from her mind.
doctorfumbles prefers to write and read about slash fiction, but sometimes she'll read femslash and het. Her favorite pairings to write about are: Speed/Delko and Ryan/Delko in CSI: Miami, Goran/Eames in L&O: CI, and Sirius/Remus in Harry Potter. Her favorite crack pairing she's addicted to is Peter Parker/Dick Grayson, or as she likes to think of them, Spiderman/Robin.
doctorfumbles is currently addicted to ragnarok_fic, which is also affiliated with __killerwords. She would also like to point out that this random pairing generator is simply the coolest thing ever, as well as this random generator, which can generate anything from weird names to story inspriations. In addition, she would like to add that random generators pwn her.

Spiderman/Nightwing is my crack!pairing ♥