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..it never hurt..


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All Members , Moderated


1.You MUST join the community before applying. Once you join, you must apply within 24 hours.
2.You MUST post the application when you apply. DONT assume we all remember the questions.
3.You MUST post under lj-cut. If you dont know how, ask a neighboor.
4.Respect the mods. You dont care, we definatly DONT give a shit!
5.NO smart mouth. If your rejected, apply when your ready again after 2 1/2 weeks.YOU CANT COMMENT UNLESS YOU ARE ACCEPTED!
6.Invite 1 or more person(s) to join once you apply.

1.CONGRATS. Your hawt &&& lj scene as fuck.STRUT YO STUFF! hxc dance at the next show @ the showcase theatre..comb that hair to the side, camera whore it like MAD...we wanna sknow every detail thats makes you...YOU


3.Now you can comment to others. dont be afraid to say NO. thats why
this is a rating community.

xxHow you will be Ratedxx
1.How well you can pose in pictures.
2.How scene you appear to be.
3.Your music.
4.Your words/attitude.
5.Your hair.

Finally,just have fun. NO DRAMA or your BANNNNNNED!

READy? its simple..

x1x name:
x2x age:
x3x location:
x4x race:
x5x sexual pref:
x6x post 5 or more pictures of yourself:

x7x single?taken?:
x8x 15 fav bands:
x9x play an instrument/in a band:
x10x post 1 random picture of anything you want here:

xxYES or NOxx
xxDO YOU..
x11x own one or more black bandanas:
x12x have one or more pairs of tight shirts/pants:
x13x own a pair of nike/rebox/addidas/pumas:
x14x live for moshing:
x15x smoke/drink/drugs/or just sxe:
x16x live for shows/gigs and/or the bled cd:

xxOPINION, whos hotterXX
x17x scene kids/emo kids:

x18x fav book(s)(not one you read in school):
x19x fav food(s):
x20x fav movie(s):
x21x fav thing to wear:
x22x closest object on the right:
x23x what will you give me if i say yes:
x24x blurt somthing out!:
x25x why do you think your fucking hawt scene shit:
x26x who or where did you hear bout this comm from:
x27x Promote us in 2 other communites and post the link ((we'll check)):








p.s.To all applicants,dont make us have to laugh at you.

18 visions, 60's, 70's, 80's, a perfect murder, a static lullaby, ac/dc, afi, alkaline trio, allister, american nightmare, antiflag, appleseed cast, as i lay dying, atreyu, avenged sevenfold, bandanas, big sunglasses, billy idol, bleeding through, blonde redhead, bound in blood, brand new, bright eyes, brightlife, bury your dead, comeback kid, converge, copeland, cradle of filth, criteria, cursive, deathstar, die for the bled, drinking, elite, everytime i die, falling cycle, fallout boy, fashion, figure four, finch, from autum to ashes, further seems forever, gigs, gravy train, guns and roses, hailfax, hardcore, hb surround sound, home grown, hot hot heat, hot people, hot water music, indy, joy division, le tigre, led zeppilin, mars volta, modest mouse, morrisey, moshing, murder by love, my chemical romance, norma jean, opeth, over my dead body, pedro the lion, piebald, plain white t's, poison the well, queen, rating, red west, rilo kiley, rx bandits, samarah, saosin, saves the day, scars of tomorrow, scene, senses fail, seventh star, sexy, slick shoes, steel train, sterio tragedy, taco bell, taking back sunday, the aka's, the beatles, the bled, the blood brothers, the doors, the early november, the faint, the get up kids, the hope conspiracy, the juliana theory, the lipstick pickups, the living end, the locust, the movielife, the moving units, the new amsterdams, the postal service, the rapture, the robots, the sounds, the starting line, the strawberry alarm clock, the used, thrice, throwdown, thrusday, tiger army, tight pants, ultimate fakebook, xcore, xxx, zao