trick bitch (guns___go__bang) wrote in __kilkill__bang,
trick bitch


x1x name:
x2x age: 17
x3x location: dallas
x4x race: mexican/white/italian
x5x sexual pref: straight
x6x post 5 or more pictures of yourself:

x7x single?taken?: single
x8x 15 fav bands:

1.the blood brothers

2.the mean reds


4.bright eyes

4.brand new

6.from first to last

7.roses are red

8.pretty girls make graves chemical romance

10.the mars volta the drive in


13.a static lullaby

14.the used

x9x play an instrument/in a band:bass and cello/another week away
x10x post 1 random picture of anything you want here:

xxYES or NOxx
xxDO YOU..
x11x own one or more black bandanas:yes
x12x have one or more pairs of tight shirts/pants:yes
x13x own a pair of nike/rebox/addidas/pumas:nope wait yes addidas
x14x live for moshing:hell yes
x15x smoke/drink/drugs/or just sxe:sxe
x16x live for shows/gigs and/or the bled cd:yes

xxOPINION, whos hotterXX
x17x scene kids/emo kids:emo kids

x18x fav book(s)(not one you read in school):3 tales of chemical romance

a desperate cry

bag of bones
x19x fav food(s): lasaguna
x20x fav movie(s):spun
x21x fav thing to wear:this armani exchange shirt i got at goodwill
x22x closest object on the right: the mouse
x23x what will you give me if i say yes:a hug and kiss to all of you...
x24x blurt somthing out!:PENIS
x25x why do you think your fucking hawt scene shit:hmmm i dont know really this question will probably determine if i get in or not. but i dont really think im just a stupid girl that goes to shows moshes crowd surfs meets the band to say hello and leave to go home and listen to more music. so yea thats not scene i dont think
x26x who or where did you hear bout this comm from:a community im in called ___cutit
x27x Promote us in 2 other communites and post the link ((we'll check)):


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