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This is the icon journal of firstmistake.
You have to join to see the icons.

Look at the community interests to see what kind of icons I'll make.

02. No hotlinking. Right-click to save them to your own hard drive.
03. CREDIT. Since I go through the trouble to make things for you, the least you could do is credit in the keywords to spread the word to others.
04. Comment. If I know what people like, I'll try to make more icons of that subject.
05. If I find that you've been stealing my icons, or not crediting, you'll get one warning, and if you continue to not give credit, you'll be banned from the community.
06. No icon requests.

EXAMPLES OF ICONS: Yes, you may take these. But CREDIT the community so that others know where to find them.



Credit for brushes:
I use brushes by the following people:
- http:www.//ti-fi.com/digitalbristle
100x100, 90s music, adam lazzara, alcohol, alkaline trio, almost famous, ambien, andy warhol, angelina jolie, blink 182, brad pitt, brand new, bridget jones' diary, bright eyes, coffee, conor oberst, courtney love, cruel intentions, dakona, dave matthews band, dawson's creek, death cab for cutie, deftones, desaparecidos, dominique swain, donnie darko, downloading, eliza dushku, eternal sunshine, eyeliner, fall out boy, fashion, fight club, fleetwood mac, gianni versace, girl interrupted, glassjaw, gossip girl, heart, hole, icons, interpol, jared leto, jesse lacey, jimmy eat world, john nolan, joni mitchell, konstantine, kurt cobain, lolita, luella, lyrics, making icons, marguerite moreau, marilyn manson, massive attack, matchbook romance, mean girls, michael ian black, modest mouse, motion city soundtrack, movies, music, napoleon dynamite, nirvana, oasis, our lady peace, partying, patrick fugit, paul rudd, peach propel, pedro the lion, pills, placebo, portishead, psychology, queen of the damned, radiohead, requiem for a dream, roberto cavalli, sahara hotnights, scott weiland, semisonic, sex, sleeping, snl, something corporate, starbucks, stone temple pilots, straylight run, stuart townsend, sublime, taking back sunday, tbs, teen angst, tell all your friends, the butterfly effect, the cure, the movielife, the pixies, the postal service, the thrills, the used, the verve, the virgin suicides, the who, third eye blind, thursday, urban outfitters, velvet revolver, vendetta red, vera bradley, vertical horizon, verve pipe, vodka, weezer, wet hot american summer, wet seal