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June 27, 05

I've downloaded Photoshop 7.0 on my other computer, so I'll be making icons of questionable quality on this questionable computer. So bear with me, I'll probably have some icons later today!
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February 23, 05

Well, it looks like my PSP 9 trial ran out. :/ If someone can tell me how to get a fake serial code thing, then I'll be able to keep this community open. But otherwise I have no way of making icons.

PLEASE COMMENT if you know how to do this. I can't change the date on my computer because PSP still wouldn't work. :/
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Affiliates/Icon Makers needed. [Saturday
January 29, 05

[ mood | cheerful ]

Right now I am looking for affiliates and for another icon maker or two for this community.

If you want to be an affiliate of __karmacoma or a new icon maker, comment to this post.

Icon makers, please post a few samples of your icons. All comments will be screened. If I comment back to you, then that means I like your icons and I'll add you as an icon maker. If I do, you can start posting right away.

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January 29, 05

This icon journal is friends-only.

1. You don't have to comment on this post when you join, you just join from the user-info page.
2. Read the rules before joining, please. ♥
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