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*rave it up*

~*^~**kandy kids & ravers unite**~*^~
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All Members , Moderated


What are we?
a united group of kandy kids, ravers, and kids who just can't stop dancing.

What goes?
Feel free to:
-Make friends
-Promote Parties, Events, Related Music Events
-Discuss ideas, politics, music, parties etc!
-Swap skills
-Start and Join in active candy trades
-Start and Join in Mix Tape, CD, & mp3 trades
-Post pictures from recent events and parties
-Set up car pools

Please be kind.
This will result in a warning up to banning:
-Respect one another.
(We are beautiful because we are unique.
no dissing one another's style, music, life etc.)
-Do not promote rating communities
(this is a place of peace, love, unity and repect
popularity contests are not in line with these ideals.)
-Try to avoid casually discussing drugs, drug use etc.
(It's a bummer, but so is being arrested.)
-Please be kind and use an L/J Cut for any images over 300 x 300
(Feel free to email me if this is an issue!)
-Please Use an L/J cut and a warning for any image that contains nudity etc.
(This group is all ages we don't want to be arrested
for exposing those 'virgin' eyes.)
-If you are under 18 do NOT post nude or sexualized images.
(You will be banned first offense.)
-When in doubt do what you feel is kind.
-Harassment is not acceptable.
(Feel free to contact a mod if you feel you are being harassed.)
-Please remember to use caution when giving out your address for trades and ride shares.
(everyone uses the internet now days. :X)

Try to think of these as guidelines to make this a safe and enjoyable space.

Join the fun.

Getting to know you.....

Real Name:
Party or Nickname:
Favortie DJ:
Favortie Style of Eletronic music:
How long have you been in the scene?:
What is your favorite thing to do at a party?
Do you wear candy? why or why not?
Oldest piece, why is it special?
Last Party or Event you attented?
Do you have a photo of you to share?


Peace, Love, Unity, Respect, Responibilty