Just want to dance? THIS IS YOUR CHANCE!!!



Webster Theater Underground, Hartford CT

Doors at 9pm

18+ seven bucks
21+ five bucks

Here's your chance to skank to the upbeats of ska's brilliant past and clandestine present in a dancehall setting courtesy of DJ Jefftingley! Hope to see you there!

It's short notice, but I can't keep this event to myself, time regardless..

Pick it up Rudeboys and Rudegirls!!!

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The point of joining this community is to post entries on why you like ska, skanking, ...etc. so much. So how about we comment folks, because this community is aweome and could become even more fuckin awesome. Only you can help it be that way. God I sound like I'm advertising something or helping someone run for school president, lmao. Ok I'm done ttyl:D!
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So I'm looking at my girlfriends live journal user info and I see _justwant2danc  and I'm thinking, "what the hell is this?". So I come here and I knew I had to join because well.....I fuckin love ska!

Mustard Plug, Streetlight Manifesto, and Reel Big Fish are some of my favorites. I have seen them all in concert too and they were all amazing. Living in Michigan is pretty good because there are alot of good ska shows around here.

Who here is going to ska is dead 3?  I know I am.

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Ok so I joined this commusnity a while ago...I don't think I ever posted, which is very lame of me!So am I concidered new or what?W/e! This place seems effin awesome and I'm so glad to be a part of it, because....SKA FUCKING ROCKS! So here is one of my motos for life...SKANK WHAT YOUR MAM GAVE YA! Catch y'all later:D!
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No fair! You all have seen these people live! AH! The closest any ska band has come to me is 5 hours away in a bar. Living in SC sucks. BUT SKA IS THE MOST FREAKING AWESOME FORM OF MUSIC EVER.
(P.S. - definitely found this community in a search for people interested in trombones)
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first post

some serious skankin goin up here in the pacific northwest. Seattle is home to some of the greatest rock bands but little known fact we hide some of the great undiscovered ska bands. come on up for bumbershoot one year or hell the annual ska fest we have. its kick ass. a couple years back we had the legendary skatalites play and holy shit they were awesome. they are the masters of ska *I AM NOT WORTHY*

btw names Xandre nice to join the community.

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Man, do I love ska. It sucks, not many people in this part of PA are very into it. I've gotten to see RBF twice, once in Cleveland and once in Pittsburgh. Both times awesome, got Aaron's and Dan's autograph. LET'S HEAR IT FOR SOME GOOD MUSIC AND SKANKIN!


First post! Mwa! Read the profile page for rules ect. But ya, just have fun! If anyone wants to help me with this community, just ask!


Everyone who is accepted should also introduce themselves when you come in.

I'm still working on the layout, so please be patient.