June 15th, 2006

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Hello, i'm new!
and i'm wondering about some things lately. For whatever reason, recently my sex drive has kicked into high gear but i'm afraid to talk to my family (who are very christian and would be absoultely FREAKED if I started talking about this stuff, they DON'T want to think of me like that) and my friends are just as clueless as me.
Maybe I always thought about this stuff but was so digusted with myself that I never acknowledged it.
I've decided that whoever I lose it too, I want it to be special with someone that I love (I guess every virgin says that)and been with for about two or three months (at the least) but I want to lose my virginity by my 20th birthday (i'm 17 now).
So...some questions:
Does it hurt the first time? like screaming, crying pain?
Do you have an orgasm the first time or do you have to do it a couple times before you reach the "O"?
How do you know when it's ok to let him have "it"?
God, I feel weird asking that!

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