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I need some advice really bad. Okay heres what happened: My sister has been sort of a hand full lately. And my dad is usually the one who flips out, but last night my mom did. She has gotten really frustrated with my sister and doesn't know what to say to her anymore. Her and my sister got into a fight and my mom said she was gonnasend My sister to a home. You know like a gruop home for teenagers that have problems. And my sister flipped out. Not yelling flip out but crying flip out. I was in my room and heard her crying in the hall way and din't know what was going on. My sister was saying she couldn't believe her own mother would say that and that wasn't the worst thing anyone could have said to her. My mother then...out of anger...could her a little then my dad was involved telling my mom to be quiet and my sister to stop crying. I still didn't know that my mom said that and didn't know until I was in my room with my sister and she told me about what happened. I got really mad at my mother and she was EXTREMELY lucky that I didn't see her for the rest of the night or she would of been really mad at me. You see I have this thing when one of my family members cry I do to and I get really mad and want to yell at the person who made them cry.And then my mother did come out and started yelling again and saying everything all over again and I got really mad. I told her to be quiet. I didn't want to say shut up because...oh I don't know I just didn't. My sister felt like she was betrayed. I mean this is my MOTHER!Not one of my sister's friends her MOTHER!! My dad was all like  she was tired and angry and didn't mean it. The my dad started telling my sister that she has really changed these past couple of months and saying all these other things. I was mad at him because he was not helping he was only making things worse. My sister is only 16. She has an excuse for acting the way she does...but my mom didn't need to say that! I don't care oh fucking angry she was at megan it didn't give her a right to say that. I am just so frustrated!! Megan then started crying again. I just think that what my mother said is unforgivable. Megan said she will never forgive her.  Then my dad called this morning to see how Megan and my mom were doing. I told him then that he didn't help last night by pounding those problems in to Megan when she already had THAT to deal with and that he should have been comforting her like I was. I mean I know it was probably awkard dor him because he is the father and in most situations the mom takes care of the comforting part. He then said that Megan needs to listen to them. And that they would talk later. And I said that I would not let mom near Megan if she was going to say anything like that again. Then my dad said I didn't understand. He had to go after that so I didn't get to respond. I don't know what I need advice on but could someone help me out and just say something to me. I can't help but feel even though she said it to Megan that she said it to me too and I won't be able to talk to her about my problems. I understand Megan can be frustrating and annoying at times but that didn;t help by saying that ya know?


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