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Bonjour! My name's Pam. I`m fifteen years old and I`m glad after all this I found a community.
Okay... anyway... this is a problem you all probably get alot, well... maybe not, I`m just assuming. Anywayyyy...

So... there's this kid I like. His name isn't going to be mentioned. I talked to the kid once at a Battle of the Bands that he was in. I kind of liked him before that, but I wasn`t sure. But that night I knew. I haven`t talked to him since then, I see him in the hallway all the time, and I really like him. I notice him staring at me all the time, and with past experiences, that usually means that a dude likes you.
Apparently, the kid is kinda popular, I mean... not really, but he does have a vast assortment of friends. I have not met a girl who liked him like I do. He looks like... well... Emile Hirsch with curly red hair (if you know who he is). I think we can really hit it off, but I don't know if he`ll, I don`t know get along with my friends or really like me. I`m afraid of him rejecting me.
I don`t want to get hurt before even asking him, so I haven't asked any of my friends this, because I know it'll get around and by the end of next week he`ll know and never want to be near me again. Me and him could hit it off really well, we both like the same kind of music which not alot of people like, we dress in the same kind of fashions, blah blah blah.
I really want to ask him out. Or if not ask him out, ask to be his friend and hang out with him sometime. (That usually ends with a nice makeout session... not that that's what I`m even looking for)... but, still, I find myself afraid to talk to him, I don`t know when to talk to him, he`s in the hallways near me all the time, but I get too freaked to even say hi to him.
Oh... and did I mention that... he's a junior, and... I`m a freshman? But I don`t mind, he's sixteen, I`m fifteen, my friends sister did it when she was a freshman and my friend Cherish is going out with a senior that's alot like her. So, why can't I do the same?
arggg, boys can be so probleming. ><

Postscript - I`m not the kind of girl to just go up and grab a boy, and flirt with him... I find that hard to do.

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