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Dun bite me. I taste bad. :F

Anyway, on to horrifying stuff. lol XD Petshop of Horrors... Geez oh man. (>__>) For some reason, I live in fear of seeing that anime again... or even touching the manga... Except... there's Count D. >D Pastry-lovin' man from China ironically living in Chinatown selling all kinds of crazy crap that makes you see things. (X_X); It might not seem weird to you, but the first one I saw, Daughter, creeped me out. (>_<) It's just.... ugh. (>__>) I had a dream about that kind of thing once. XD Imagine that....

Then again, when I was about six or seven, I had a dream where Batman and Robin kidnapped me from the Galleria in Houston. Yeah, better not ask about that one. (^__^);;;
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Okay my little underlings.
Since this community is my first, thus my baby, to get it living, I ask that everyone here post a little entry survey for themselves, including your name, how you got here, bla bla bla bla, as well as your favorite horror movies, paraphenalia, movie/game/novel/blablabla characters monsters whatever.
Do it.
For I am the Lord.
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