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Jesus Walks... Christ on Livejournal

Just believe

Christ on LJ
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  • This community was created with the purpose of discussing anything and everything related to God.
  • This is not a place to bash anyone else's beliefs or theories, but a place to vent experiences, miracles, or anything that has led you to become a follower of Christ.
  • If for anyone reason you are offended by topics or posts left by others, or don't believe, then this community is not for you and you should not join.
  • If you are open minded to possibilities and have faith in the Lord, then you are welcome to join and share your experiences.
  • Those who chose to leave negative comments, disrespect others that post, or taunt others because they have different views, will be banned.
  • Please respect each other on this community and respect each other's views and opinions.

    I hope you enjoy your stay.

    god is love
    brought to you by the isLove Generator