Out of home and loving it.

My testimony for this week:

Withing 24 hours of my dad kicking my husband and I out because we dont have money, I am now proud to say that MY God has provided my husband with an excellent job. Not only that, When i went to church today to give him my praise and thank you, He ended up making ME feel better.

I went there to sing Him praises.. instead I started crying.. i cried, something i REALLY needed to do, everything just poured out. I don't know what happened.. I was just standing there in Hillsong and singing out loud and the tears just slowly started pouring out. It wasn't even a sad song!

Every emotion of mine poured out, happiness, my praises, my sorry's, my disappointments, my anger towards my father, my loneliness EVERY emotion poured out

Like i said before, He has taken my heart and he refuses to give it back. He keeps giving and i don't even deserve it.

I'm not saying i totally believe in Him, cause i have my doubts most of the time. but its days like these that make me feel so blessed to have someone like Him.

I'm only christian...I'm not a saint. I make my mistakes too. I just have more hope than most people and a happiness that you would get NO WHERE ELSE.He is indeed my everything. The only one i Trust.

How great is Our God that he doesn't stop giving. He loves us so much he cant stop making us feel better. I love him.

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My testimony

I look back on my posts to see how ignorant i have been of things. I was miserably in love but i only chose to see the in love part and not the miserable part.

In any case, I am proud to be a Mrs. Sam now cause my husband is the most patient and understanding man i have ever met in my life. I have so much respect for him, He has made me proud of everything he has achieved even though his own family and I, his own wife where against him for most of his days. He has come across my LJ and even though he should have gotten angry and depressed over the fact that i was getting over a long term love and a short term one after we got married - he didnt. Instead all he gave me was support to get through it and show me love beyond my dreams. This is even after he knew that i dont love him and doesnt look like i ever will. Even after he knew that i dont want kids, even though he wants kids. I would say i love him but that would be lying and i dont want to do that. I respect him for everything he has done for me... for us.

I thank God, my most merciful saviour who has taken my heart and refuses to give it back, for giving me such a husband even though i dont deserve one.  It is only Him who i will always love even though it might not seem like that at times.

I am one LUCKY woman to have the two most incredible men in my life. =)
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Christian podcast

 Hi there! I've been a member of this community for a while and I just wanted to share something with you all that I thought might interest you.

I am a part of a ministry called GodlyGals (you can also find us at godly_gals) that focuses on equipping believers, providing a place for fellowship, and encouraging one another in our walks with Christ. It has been a phenomenal five years and God had blessed the ministry so much. Our growth lately has been such an encouragement and I look forward to the future as we move forward to where the Lord would have us go.

We have recently ventured into podcasting and it's been so great. We get to communicate with members of our community live, as well as people who just happen to drop in. We've met so many great people that way. It's really been amazing. In our podcast we talk about a variety of topics regarding the Christian faith. I really just wanted to let this community know about it so that you could stop by for one of our live shows or listen to it later (at if you can't make it to the live show. The wider our audience, the better the show.

Feel free to share this with your friends!
Our next podcast will be:

Date: Wed, June 11, 2008
Time: 09:00 PM EDT

How to participate:
Call in:  Dial: (724) 444-7444
Enter: 16391 # (Call ID)
Enter: 1 # or your PIN
Join from your computer:
Click here to join the call or just listen along
(Optional) Become a TalkShoe member

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Here are some things being on the GodlyGals boards right now. If you're a lady and think that you'd be interested, we'd love for you to stop by and join in the discussion!

Dating nonbelievers?
You are who you are for a reason!
The appearance of sin
Divinity of Christ scriptures
Character of God
God's Word is firm
Accountability Partners
Women's Ministry
Religious Map

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a little bit of my testimony

(taken from a post i made on

I have been hesitant to bring this up, but I did want to share this with you ladies. I guess I've never really shared my testimony, and this is a pretty large part of it. It was at this point in my life that I felt God steering me in a clear direction. Anyway. Here goes.

When I was a sophomore in high school it became really clear that I was not fitting into the same mold my friends were. So many that claimed to be Christians were falling away from their faith or it was becoming clear that they hadn't had any to begin with. I was really alienated and ridiculed for standing up for my faith and morals in general. It was a tough time. Most of my emotions I kept pent up and began to fall into deep depression. My life was completely different. I had no one to turn to. My friends were participating in activities regularly that I knew, as a child of God, I had no business being a part of. I desired their friendships again, but not the situations I would have to put myself through to have that. I praise God for giving me the strength to stand up during all of that. He is the only reason I didn't fall. Now, these were my school friends. Since I went to church in a different town it made school life and church life two completely different worlds (which is a story all its own). At the same time, the few friends I had in the youth group at church began ignoring me. This included my best friend. It was traumatizing.

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Anyway, I really wanted to share that. Only a few other people know about this because I am not sure how I feel about telling this to people. I just want to thank God for allowing me to do this tiny amount of work for His kingdom. GodlyGals (and godly_gals!) has been such a blessing to me and to many of the girls who have become a part of it. We all devote our time to helping around there so that even just one person might be reached for Christ. As time goes on, it is easy to see that God has this ministry in His hand and that there is a plan for it.
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Here are a few topics that have a lot of discussion going on at the boards. Come by and check things out!

Also, we have a new way of listing prayer requests in "A SolitaryPlace". If there is something you need prayer for, please stop by. Lots of members are more than happy to lift you up in prayer.

God bless you!
The GG-Team
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The Face of Jesus

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Author: Elisabeth Elliot
Source: A Lamp For My Feet

The Face of Jesus

The face of Jesus:

marred more than any man--
spit upon,
the beard plucked,
twisted in pain--

For my salvation.

A glorious face, now.

Let its light shine on me, O Light of Life.

Let Your radiance fall on me, Sun and Savior,

Lighten my darkness.

Then grant me this by Your grace:

That I, in turn, may give

"The light of the knowledge of the glory of God" (2 Cor 4:6 AV)

As I see it in the face of Jesus Christ.