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a night like this is begging to pull me apart. [entries|friends|calendar]
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an icon.. [ AUGUST 04, 2008 / 11:25PM ]

I made this icon a few minutes ago.
I actually liked it enough to use it myself (omgz!) and I never like my icons enough to actually use.
It's pretty legit, I'd say.

comment if you use it.
that'll be all.
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[ FEBRUARY 09, 2008 / 08:39PM ]

[ mood | crazy ]

Okay, guys honestly, no posting since 2007?
Has JLACEY done nothing since then or something?
All these BRANDNEW communities need to be spiced up.

So, this JLacey kid, rumour has it he is pretty rad.
broken hearted losers.

[ MAY 29, 2007 / 04:32PM ]
AU slash roleplay community based around a talent agency.Collapse )

[ MAY 18, 2007 / 02:01PM ]
A brand new AU slash roleplay community based around a talent agency.Collapse )

Delete if not allowed.
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[ JANUARY 14, 2007 / 09:41AM ]


hey guys!

sorry, I don't know if this is allowed but I am looking for ONE or TWO tickets to their show on April 22 at Irving Plaza in NYC.
I am willing to pay over face value, so if you could help that would be fantastic! thank you =]

broken hearted losers.

[ MAY 29, 2006 / 12:43PM ]
does anyone know if brand new are due to tour the uk anytime soon?
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[ MAY 04, 2006 / 06:52PM ]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

I met Jesse for the first time on Tuesday.
The man is amazing.

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ticket sale info... [ APRIL 04, 2006 / 12:23PM ]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

some of you may be wondering when the tickets are going on sale to the public because (like me) did not get presale tickets...so

Im pretty sure all venues are going on sale TODAY APRIL 4th at ONE pm, for my timezone thats like in 30 minutes. So double check for your venure but i know for sure the Toronto show at the Kool Hous goes on sale at ticketmaster at 1 pm and i also know the show in Orlando is going onsale at 1 pm.
soo get tkts and woohoo OH YEAH and ticket costs for the TORONTO show are 18.75 , 8pm doors at 7 and im excited

xposted to _brandnew

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9 NEW DEMOS [ JANUARY 25, 2006 / 02:45PM ]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

finally! 9 new brand new demos were leaked a few hours ago.


they are so good. ♥

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Icons and such [ JANUARY 08, 2006 / 12:59AM ]

I thought I'd share....

+4 and a friends only bannerCollapse )
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[ OCTOBER 19, 2005 / 07:49PM ]

Hi, I just wanted to share a picture of Jesse and I.

yeah.Collapse )

I met him in October 2003, hence why I look young. A lot of people say he's a jerk in person but he was extremely nice to me, and he was nice to the people who thought he was Chris Carrabba, too.

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New Name [ SEPTEMBER 06, 2005 / 08:48PM ]

[ mood | chipper ]

Hey, I was xxloveispainxx, but now I'm brokenintention.

Just wanted to let everyone know :)

And anyone who wants to add me is more than welcome.


broken hearted losers.

looking for a picture [ JULY 20, 2005 / 01:05AM ]
[ mood | rushed ]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

i'm looking for that picture, as in the full version. does anyone know where i can find it? its going to drive me insane!

any help would be so appreciated<3333

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[ JULY 13, 2005 / 04:21PM ]

broken hearted losers.

icons! [ JULY 05, 2005 / 08:54PM ]
i made three jesse lacey icons! thought i would share! :)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

comment and credit if you take :)
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News section updated. [ JULY 02, 2005 / 05:18PM ]

The news section on BrandNewRock.com had a new entry on it. It goes a little bit more in depth on what the band had been doing to prepare for the next record.
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Time to Smile! [ JUNE 27, 2005 / 10:17PM ]


It's uppppppp!!!!!


Check it out.

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[ JUNE 26, 2005 / 01:14AM ]

According to Brandnewrock.com, the new website will be up tomorrow, Monday the 27th.

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[ JUNE 25, 2005 / 11:38AM ]

Check out the band website:


a little progress!
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[ JUNE 24, 2005 / 01:04PM ]

Hey everyone! I just joined this community and I just wanted to share a little story. On November 10th, my friends and I were at a starbucks across the street from extreme sport and all of a sudden someone came in yelling I JUST MET JESSE LACEY! so we asked where he was and we got to meet him and talk to him!!! (I live on L.I. and he said he lived about 15 min from that store) I was so exicited! And my friends, myself, and Jesse (besides the people that work there) were the only people there.

I have his autographe framed from that night! I'll post a pic. when I can get it on the computer! He also has the most amazing eyes! &i shook his hand and we got pictures =) I'm just gonna say I'm still in complete awe. (If that's the right word lol)

x3 Sam

Also, we asked him when the new cd would be coming out and he said probably later than soon, but again this was in November so who knows!
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