an icon..

I made this icon a few minutes ago.
I actually liked it enough to use it myself (omgz!) and I never like my icons enough to actually use.
It's pretty legit, I'd say.

comment if you use it.
that'll be all.
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(no subject)

Okay, guys honestly, no posting since 2007?
Has JLACEY done nothing since then or something?
All these BRANDNEW communities need to be spiced up.

So, this JLacey kid, rumour has it he is pretty rad.
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(no subject)

hey guys!

sorry, I don't know if this is allowed but I am looking for ONE or TWO tickets to their show on April 22 at Irving Plaza in NYC.
I am willing to pay over face value, so if you could help that would be fantastic! thank you =]

my love

ticket sale info...

some of you may be wondering when the tickets are going on sale to the public because (like me) did not get presale

Im pretty sure all venues are going on sale TODAY APRIL 4th at ONE pm, for my timezone thats like in 30 minutes. So double check for your venure but i know for sure the Toronto show at the Kool Hous goes on sale at ticketmaster at 1 pm and i also know the show in Orlando is going onsale at 1 pm.
soo get tkts and woohoo OH YEAH and ticket costs for the TORONTO show are 18.75 , 8pm doors at 7 and im excited

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