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welcome to __jailxbait

This is a rating community. This is a community where you post pictures of yourself & others, rate others, participate in themes & other random things, and have fun.

1) There is an application you fill out. This is for us to rate you. It needs to be behind an LJ-CUT. <*lj-cut text="i'm new"*> remove the stars. Any more questions can be answered in the FAQ.

2) No F&*%ing n0odz. Sick-o.

3) Do not post or comment on ANYTHING until you have been stamped by a mod. If you do, you WILL be banned.

4) If you post something stupid, or something that is text only, it will be deleted. Mods are the only exception to this rule.

5) If you don't like the other members, GET OVER IT

6) Do NOT constantly whore communities. 2 a week is the limit, and you must promote us there also. After that you will be warned, then banned.

7) Only apply if you are between the ages of 13 & 17. No one older or younger will be accepted. Unless I, Rachel, say so.

8) In the subject line of your app. put "Lock me up", so that I know you read all the rules.


10) Do not argue with members. They are better than you.

11) Do not complain if you are not accepted. You can apply again in 2 weeks with a new app. & pictures.

11) Members can be as mean/rude/crude as they want. You asked for it.

12) Stay active. Vote. Promote. If you are going out of town or won't be able to do those things, let a mod know.

13) Post your application within 24 hours of joining. Failure to do so will result in banning. Don't be a lurker.

14) Do not photoshop all your pictures. We've had enough drama with that already.

The basics-
1) Name::
2) Age::
3) Location::
4) Sex(Simply male or female.)::
5) Sexual Preferance::

6) Band(s)::
7) Song(s)::
8) Color(s)::
9) Movie(s)::
10) TV Show(s)::
11) Animal(s)::

12) Racism::
13) Homosexuality::
14) Alcohol & Drugs::
15) Abortion::
16) Bush or Kerry::

17) Who is in the room with you?::
18) Have you ever been to collegehumor.com?::
19) Are you a veggie?::
20) Yes or No?::

2+ Promotions
3+ Pictures

name: Rachel

name: Jimmy


Our wonderful sister community.