motherfucking mod post

no one did the theme. wtf? that makes me feel sad and neglected.

anyway, i'm having some troubles right now at home with my family, and i'm re-doing my room [because it was lame and stupid before], so i don't really have time for lj right now.

since i havn't really talked to anyone on here lately, i just decided to appoint someone to watch the community for now. guess who?? kristen! i forget her s/n, but she knows who she is. kristen- if you don't want the job, just appoint someone else, i don't feel like taking the time to do anything else on here right now. if you need me for anything, see below.

anyway, if anyone has any questions please direct them to-

(aim) ntimatexsuicide
(yahoo) x_1thousandtears_x

i'm rarely on yahoo, so if you try to reach me on that your chances are slim.

so, in conclusion, i'll be back as soon as everything gets straightened out.