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This community is for people to discuss whatever they'd like. Be it current events, music, fashion, hot boys, religion, whatever, post it. If you have a problem and would like some advice on it, post it. If you've created some piece of art and want people's opinions on it, post it. If you don't care what other people think about a certain thing or don't want their opinion DON'T POST IT.

I want this to be a community where people are welcomed in regardless of age, race, gender, religious preference, social class, sexual preference, personal interests, ethinicity, or anything like that. So please, don't hate.

-Please fill out an application
-Post whatever you'd like, and comment on whatever you'd like (but be mindful that people may say something you don't like about it, if you don't want that to happen, don't post.)
-If you really think someone should not be admitted to the community for one reason or anything, comment on their application and say why.
-Put really long posts under a cut, and please always put pics under a cut. Keep in mind, some people still have dial up.
-Don't take anything to heart.

A few things that will get you kicked out of this community:
-Not posting pictures and long entries under a cut (if you don't know how to do it, go to the LJ FAQs)
-Verbally attacking people or being rude for the sake of being rude. You can share your opinion without being mean. Come on people, peace and love.
-tYpInG LiKe tHiS, typing lyk dis or a mixture of the two, please type so that people can read it.
-Not filling out a application at all, but trying to post anyways.
-Joining for the sheer purpose of promoting other communities. (You can promote occasionally, just don't promote and then never post, your post(s) will be deleted and you will be banned.)

Application (this is for the sheer purpose of letting the community members know a little about you:
Sexual preference:

Video Games:
Other interests:

Gay marriage:
Capital Punishment:
The War in Iraq:
Reality TV:
Anything else you have a strong opinion on:

Happy posting!