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Age: 31
Birthday: Oct. 9th
Sexual preference: Straight

Music: Yes - all kinds!! This journal in particular is my singing journal, and I only post voice posts. Which is nerve wracking, I'm always worried what people might say! :o)
Literature: Jane Austin, all kinds of classics. I love old books.
Movies: Ghostbusters, Sense and Senseability, Steel Magnolias, Dogma
Video Games: Sims2, Second Life
TV: All the CSI's, Gilmore Girls, The Medium, Numbers, all the Law and Orders. But MAN I miss Charmed!
Other interests: I'm learning to knit, I love to sing, I love my cats (I have four) and I love my kids (I have three) and I love my husband (I only have one, but he's my second. ;o)

Abortion: Personal. I have my own moral belief about abortion, but that doesn't mean I have the right to impose that belief on anyone else. And especially in situations of medical necessity, abortion should be available to a woman at the medical location of her choosing, and with her own doctor. Not strangers.
Gay marriage: I am totally, one hundred percent for it. There's very little else on earth I've been as diligently supportive of.
Capital Punishment: I can't decide, honestly.
The War in Iraq: No comment.
Suicide: It makes me sad when people feel they need to go that route, and happy when someone saves them. I always wonder what they were feeling, and what someone might have said to save them.
Reality TV: Is cute, sometimes. I do still enjoy Survivor, and Amazing Race from time to tim. but is a trend that is rapidly starting to jump the shark.
Anything else you have a strong opinion on: Consumers should be vocal. If something makes you mad, tell the company and every other consumer who will listen. If you really like something, be equally as vocal. Money (and how we spend it!) is nearly as powerful as politics in this have to use it to control the super powers.
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