December 28th, 2005

Application. . .A little late, sorry. . .

Ok, when I initially joined this group, I neglected to fill out an application. I apologize.

Name: Tabitha

Age: 30

Birthday: 9 October

Sexual preference: Straight

Music: Everything

Literature: Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, David Sosnowski, Mick Farren, Anne Rice, Dr. William Roll, Roger Elwood, to name a few :)

Movies: Steel Magnolias, Devil's Advocate, anything with Matthew McConnaghey, anything with Hugh Grant, to name a few

Video Games: Tetris

TV: Law & Order SVU; Charmed; Most Haunted; Pet Whisperer; Ghost Whisperer; Family Guy; Full Metal Alchemist; Forensic Files to name a few

Other interests: true crime stories, music, art, books, writing

Abortion: against

Gay marriage: pro

Capital Punishment: I used to be pro, I'm against now. Ask me sometime about this! :)

The War in Iraq: VERY ANTI

Suicide: VERY ANTI

Reality TV: anti- I have enough of my OWN drama to worry about, not trying to get mixed up in someone else's!

Anything else you have a strong opinion on: Well-behaved women seldom make history! -Laurel Thatcher Ulrich
  • Current Music
    "Who's Cheatin' Who?" - Alan Jackson