December 12th, 2004

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First post on my new community, I hope it's a success. I think if a few people join and post avidly, it could grown and be a really awesome community.
If you have any suggestions about how I can improve this community, let me know.

*crosses fingers* I hope people actualy join this community, and post.
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Name: Cameron
Age: 17
Birthday: June 13, 1987
Sexual preference: Bisexual

Music: early 90's alternative, J-rock, classical, techno
Literature: Anything anyone says is good- reading Anne Rice right now.
Movies: Musicals, comedys, dramedys, whatever.
Video Games: RPGs, mindless questing games
TV: meh. sometimes I give in and watch a little sitcom or reality tv, but mostly VH1 and Comedy Central

Abortion: Depends on the situation, but for the sake of simplicity, Pro-choice
Gay marriage: Sure!
Capital Punishment: No
The War in Iraq: Still no
Suicide: Pretty dumb
Reality TV: Haha... morally, I'm opposed. Sometimes I still watch it.
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Name: jEn
Birthday: june 11
Sexual preference: str8 ally

Music: everything
Literature: novels, mostly (wally lamb, ann macdonald, dave eggers)
Movies: waking life, life is beautiful, requiem for a dream
Video Games: eh
TV: adult swim
Other interests: all things artistic

Abortion: pro
Gay marriage:pro
Capital Punishment:pro
The War in Iraq: anti
Suicide: anti
Reality TV: anti- people's lives are fucking boring
Anything else you have a strong opinion on: silence is death. expression is life.