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together we're heavy

putas de indie
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Welcome to __indiewhores!

The mods really hate it when you...

Post introductions. They're really unnecessary. If you MUST introduce yourself, tell us about something new, because no one cares how much you love the Yeah Yeah Yeahs or Elliott Smith.
Limit yourself to music discussion. Talk about anything! Music, movies, books, people, whatever, just don't be lame.
Promote rating communities. It's unanimous, everyone here hates them.
Disable comments. It'll get your post deleted.
Don't use an lj-cut when posting big or multiple pictures, long entries (reviews, articles, tangeants, etc), or advertisements for stuff you're selling (posting a link to your ebay auction is ok).
Get your panties in a twist. INTERNET.
Can't reply to comments correctly. Know the difference between "Post a new comment" and "Reply to this." It's less confusing for everyone.
Suck at spelling and grammar. Use spell check, you lazy bastards.

Your mods are meeperton,bodyparts, and nebbeh. Don't be frontin'.
!!!, air, aislers set, andy warhol, apples in stereo, arab strap, art, belle and sebastian, ben folds five, beta band, beulah, bobby conn, brian wilson, bright eyes, camera obscura, camus, chemikal underground, clinic, cocteau twins, cornelius, daniel johnston, death cab for cutie, devendra banhart, django reinhardt, echo and the bunnymen, ed harcourt, elephant 6, elliott smith, elvis costello, emo, factory records, felt, fischerspooner, friendly cats, galaxie 500, glasgow, good records, graham coxon, grandaddy, hot hot heat, indie, indie music, indie pop, indie rock, indiepop, interpol, jeff buckley, joanna newsom, joy division, k records, kill rock stars, le tigre, london, manic street preachers, matador, mates of state, metric, mix tapes, morrissey, national pop league, new order, nick drake, nico, nine inch nails, notorious b.i.g., of montreal, pavement, photography, pipas, popbitch, pretty girls make graves, pulp, quasi, radiohead, robert rauschenberg, secretly canadian, setting children on fire, sondre lerche, sonic youth, stereolab, stuart murdoch, talulah gosh, the aislers set, the american analog set, the apples in stereo, the avalanches, the beach boys, the brittle stars, the clash, the cure, the delgados, the faint, the fall, the field mice, the flaming lips, the go-betweens, the happy mondays, the libertines, the monkees, the mountain goats, the pastels, the postal service, the shaggs, the shins, the smiths, the sundays, the wake, the walkmen, trashcan sinatras, tv on the radio, twee, tweepop, whores, yeah yeah yeahs, yo la tengo, zines