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together we're heavy
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Wednesday, January 3rd, 2007

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I'm Darby and I'm new to this community.

Let me get to the point: I'm a little orphan Annie and I have my own apartment and I have a job and I go to school and I have absolutely no time to go to concerts, buy new albums by my favorite bands or, basically, have a life at all. And I'm only sixteen...well, I'll be seventeen on March 2nd, but still.

So, that means I need you people to give me news, updates, coverage on the concerts and every little crack between the cracks of everything!

My favorite bands are: the weakerthans, death cab for cutie, bright eyes, metric, the cure, queen and radiohead. That's what I can spit out of the top of my head right now.


oh, and p.s., I totally dig the name of your community.

Current Mood: cold

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