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Hey guys, check out Oslo! They are the new side project of Gabe McNair, formerly of No Doubt. Their new album, The Rise and Fall of Love and Hate, is co-produced by Sam Fogarino of Interpol. It's an awesome album, so definitely give it a listen!



over the past year, ive created a website called music is art, where i enjoy to feature musicians and visual artists that i adore. recently, musicisart shared a project called song/context/result that has personally felt important to turn into a continued series. starting with the small question of “tell me about a moment, a song and what it meant to you” seemed in taste to know how music can bring anyone privately back to a special memory.

i would be delighted if you may kindly like to be apart of this music project and for you to share your own personal story of reflection, so that in return someone else may be inspired and not feel alone. please be in touch if interested.



artist feature :: ray caesar

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on your personal stereo...

from norway, flunk has released their 3rd album personal stereo. the trio magically has always shared an electronic progression levelling inbetween time signatures of humbled acoustics and naturally beautiful female vocals. from everything they’ve ever done mixed within their apparent relaxed sense of style.. moving forward, they maintain their steady structure of sincere and colorful emotion.

flunk make perfect music for every season but calmly bring to mind the coming of summertime, being near a quiet ocean and feeling the sunlight shining brightly like white diamonds on water…

listen to the
s i l e n c e

sit down
personal stereo

art by rafal oblinski

.music is art.


Hey boys and gals!
New "indie" mag. Feat: Tokyo Police Club, Of Montreal, Camera Obscura, and more. Check it!

Arcady. x

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