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Owl to Andromeda


How'd you feel about going to the Cinema on Wednesday? Sirius and James reckon it's great, we can see a film with gangsters on it. It's like a giant portrait but with a story and everything moves and you can't talk to it. It sounds like a mental muggle thing, but it could be fun, you in?

- Patch
Cosy Smile

In the hallways and hospital wing, enemies lie in wait.

Who: Lily, 2nd year Ravenclaw, Pomfrey and anyone else who wants to join. Preferably, including James and Remus, if you will?
Where: Hallways and Hospital wing
Why: Because we need some action around here and there is war on, people!

Lily bounded up the stairs, pulling herself up and around the corner in a most unladylike manner, bumped into a suit of armour as she ran down the hallway and shouted an apology over her shoulder as it started ranting about 'the lack of manners in students these days'. Her bag swung wildly behind her and her robes billowed around her legs as she ascended yet another staircase, ignoring the astonished glare from three elderly witches gossiping in their portraits. She heard them mention the decorum that should be possessed by a Head Girl, tutting loudly and commenting that it would never happen in their day, before she was out of earshot.

She skidded to a halt..Collapse )