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Who: Andy and Cissy
Where: Slytherin Dormitories
When: Evening
What: Andy has a bone to pick regarding Lucius.

Although she could spot a trick a mile away - years of practical lessons in deception being part and parcel to a Black childhood - Andy felt strongly enough about the situation with Lucius to risk walking right into one. She'd have bet anything that Narcissa was, actually, in her room. The bluff would've been too easy to call if she were lying, but Andy was less concerned with looking the fool and more concerned with the idea of her baby sister out, again, with that bloody peacock she called a fiancé. Anyway, Cissy being in her room proved nothing, and she wouldn't stand for this.

She didn't care if their parents and society at large and the whole world approved of the marriage - if Mother and Father weren't going to do their job and look out for Cissy's welfare instead of worrying about marrying off their daughters well, then she would. And it was indeed an issue; no sons meant no inheritance, all of which Regulus stood to claim, with Sirius gone. He was now the golden boy, the one hope of the whole family. The three sisters counted for little in terms of lineage, to their father's chagrin - the continuation of the Black name was everything, and they were of no value there. The best that could be hoped for were advantageous matches, and Malfoy certainly constituted that.

Except, of course, Andy thought as she left her dorm, for the fact that he was a toweringly arrogant prig, cruel and conceited and - frankly - something of a pansy. And the thought of Cissy, her dear, baby Cissy, out with that idiot...well. She could do nothing about it at home, but at Hogwarts, neither Bella nor their parents were there to interfere with her interference. And even if it didn't work, even if Cissy never realized that Andy was trying to act in her best interests, she couldn't sit by idly and do nothing. She loved her too much.

Motivated by love or not, she did look a bit scary as she skirted the Common Room and headed for the younger girls' dorms. The greenish cast to the light made her look pale, a little peaky (she'd never really liked it down here, and more than once had wished she were up in Ravenclaw with Patch instead), but her fine jaw was set determinedly and her expression clearly brooked no argument. She didn't bother knocking at the fifth-year dorm, but instead walked on in - and found herself staring right at Narcissa, very clearly present, journal beside her. Andromeda was not impressed.

She offered no apology, no suggestion that she'd been wrong. Instead she folded her arms and nudged the door shut behind her with her foot, nodding to the muddy shoeprints leading into the room.

 "Taken up nocturnal hiking, have you?" she asked dryly. "In heels?"

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