Lily Evans (x_lily_x) wrote in __incendio,
Lily Evans

Girl chats.

Who: Dee and Lily
Where: Common Room and Astronomy Tower
Why: Girl chats!

Lily glanced at her wrist, forgetting again that she didn't wear a watch, then looked around her for someone to ask the time. The library, however, was deserted. It can't have been that late, she had come up from dinner less than an hour ago, but it was a Friday evening and it seemed that not many people were as interested in getting their homework done before Saturday as she was.

Packing up her bag, she made her way out of the library, earning herself a glare from Madam Pince on the way. Lily didn't know what she'd done now, unless Madam Pince was angry at her for leaving. Lily liked books, but not everyone could have the same fervour as their slightly over zealous librarian.

She gave the password and climbed through the portrait hole, ignoring a comment from the Fat Lady about how a pretty girl like her shouldn't be spending Friday evenings in the library. Never mind that she wasn't in the library any more, but the Fat Lady wasn't Lily's favourite person right now anyway. She seemed to have taken a shine to James, and so had spent the best part of the first three weeks encouraging Lily to 'give it a go' everytime she gave the password. It was more than a little annoying and embarrassing.

Lily swept the common room with a glance, grinning as she spotted Dee sitting in an armchair by the fire, holding their Charms book gingerly. She walked over and sat on the edge of the chair.

"That's upside down, you know," she lied with a grin.
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