Lily Evans (x_lily_x) wrote in __incendio,
Lily Evans

Who: Lily and James
Where: The Kitchens
Why: Because Lily skipped dinner and James is Devious.

Lily ran down the stairs, her hand on the banister swinging her around when she got to the bottom. Half skipping, she pulled up short at the portrait of the fruit bowl. Feeling only slightly silly, she tickled the pear and smiled in delight as it swung open to reveal the passageway to the kitchens. She had half been afraid that James was pulling her leg, but it turned out he was telling the truth after all.

Stepping through the portrait hole, she walked into the kitchens, taking note of the wooden tables that mirrored the ones directly above them. Before she could speak, a small shrill voice spoke.

"Evening, Miss," it said, "What can we get Miss? Does Miss want something good to eat? Would Miss like a drink? We is here to serve Miss!"

Lily smiled, slightly taken aback. Not being from a wizarding family, she wasn't used to House Elves and their ways.

"Oh, I can get it myself, if you show me where-" she broke off as the portrait opened behind her and she turned to see who was entering, a guilty look on her face. She was a prefect and she was pretty sure this was breaking more than one rule.
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