Dina Lind (Dee for short) (motherbrainez) wrote in __incendio,
Dina Lind (Dee for short)


Hi Lils!

How are you? It's been a while. I know we met up at the beginning of summer, but honestly, I'm so used to having you living practically on top of me in the dorms that I feel almost deprived now that it's been a few weeks since I saw you.

Sometimes I'm glad that I'm removed from the Wizarding part of the world a little when I'm home at school, though - I Flooed to Diagon Alley the other day because I was completely out of parchment for my summer essays, and it doesn't seem like the same jolly place it was last summer. People hunch together and look at you suspiciously, and a group of snotty-looking little children even tried to steal my wand, saying that I'd stolen their powers, or someone's powers - I didn't completely understand what was going on (kids these days, I say, sounding like an oktoge octog eigthy-year old) but I managed to shake them off and keep my wand. It's a good thing we're not allowed to do magic outside of school or I might just have jinxed them away.

On a happier note, Garrulus just had puppies! I know, I know, last time you saw her she was supposedly male - not anymore, it turns out; well, not ever, rather. I don't know which parts of her my parents mistook for a dick, but you know how they are. We did notice that he she was getting very fat, though, remember? Well, as it turns out, what was mistaken for obesity was just a litter of five little dogs. They're very sweet - mixed breed, I guess, I don't actually know who the father is - my parents say it's probably either the Andersons' dog or the Townsends' but I've no idea what either of them look like, of course.

How has your summer been? Have you met up with anyone from school yet? I saw Narcissa Black in the year below us together with that black-haired, snobbish-looking girl in the year above us when I went to buy parchment, but they didn't look much friendlier than the kids who wanted my wand, to be honest. What do you expect, I s'pose! Would you like to meet up a little before we go back to school again? We could go to the pictures, maybe, and fill up on listening to music - all those things we won't get to do for another year. It would be fun, I'd think!

Much love!

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