Ted Tonks (tonky_wonky) wrote in __incendio,
Ted Tonks

Owl Post: Ted Tonks to Andromeda Black


I thought I'd Even though you're wrong I'm sorry for how things got blown out of proportion this past week. I shouldn't've thought it was my duty to reply to every comment made about me with the assumption you put that idea out there first, held you accountable for your friends actions, and bad mouthed you in public solely in retaliation. What I'm sincerely apologizing for is what I said in my journal--that we don't need more then one pompous-know-it-all as a Head. That is the one thing that I think was truly my fault that escalated the conflict. Even if I have had have those reservations, I shouldn't've written them outloud, so to speak.

This whole thing is making both of us look like idiots (me moreso than you, admittedly). But it's also making us look like the worst choice for Head Girl and Boy. I still don't know what Professor Dumbledore was thinking, but we do have to make this work for the sake of our school and the rest of the students. I get that we've never gotten along and all that stuff, so can we call a kind of truce? It's okay to complain about each other--just to our close friends. And if we have a problem, we can bash Heads (har har har) together as loud as we want in our office. Does that sound okay?

Ted Tonks.
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