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Owl Post: James Potter to Albus Dumbledore

[Written very quickly and with the handwriting skewed in some places, as though the writer was, perhaps, bumped by an enthusiastically pleased mother giving repeated and foreceful hugs. That, or a hippogryff got loose in the Potter's kitchen.]


I've just had a letter from McGonagall and there's been some mistake. I must have got Moony Remus's letter by accident. Where it says 'dear Mr. Potter' at the top, just before the bit about Head Boy, I think McGonagall meant to say 'dear Mr. Lupin', and I thought I ought to get that cleared up before my mother bakes a cake half the size of Devon to celebrate when it's Remus, really, and not me. If you could confirm that it's just a mix-up before she actually goes out to get six dozen eggs from the hen house, that would be great. Four chickens can't lay six dozen eggs in one morning.

- James Potter
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