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 Who: Ted and Andromeda
What: Meeting the Tonkses; in which Andromeda also learns she does not like cars
Where: Platform 9 3/4, and then who knows?

For the first time in her life, Andromeda felt adrift. She didn't know if the knotted swooping feeling in her stomach was fear or elation or maybe a little of both; tears had been shed, there'd been a last, slow, walk around the castle and grounds with Patch, Dumbledore's farewell address, and now, hours later, she stood on a train platform in London, utterly without direction. No one was going to tell her what the next step would be, ought to be, and the thrill of that was heady as it was terrifying. 

Just close enough to Ted's side to feel him there without actually touching, Andy sharply examined the faces of parents and siblings who'd come to collect their students. If hers had decided to show up, there would be trouble--she didn't want a public row--and her eyes swept the crowd twice, three times, but no. Not so much as a Black house-elf was to be seen, as at Christmas. Either they still thought she was merely acting out, or they just didn't care; either way, they weren't here. Doubtless her aunt and uncle had sent someone to collect Regulus, too young to Apparate the short distance from here to Grimmauld Place, but Cygnus and Druella Black were not at that station that bright June day. She relaxed but slightly; though the first hurdle was past, she still feared what the next days would bring. 

But that was for later. Satisfied that there wasn't to be any trouble that afternoon, Andy turned to Ted with a warm, slightly nervous smile. It had been exceedingly kind of him to take her in for a few days until she could find a flat. With Patch in an identical situation and Sirius living with the Potters, she'd truly had nowhere to go, and Ted's offer had been deeply touching. To Andromeda, for whom that kind of stable affection was rare at best, it meant more than she thought he knew. She kissed him swiftly on the cheek, secretly reveling in the fact that she could actually dare to do so in public, outside the relative safety of Hogwarts.

"Who am I looking for?" she asked, turning to scan the crowd again curiously. She'd only ever seen his sisters, and they were too small to be readily visible in that mass of adults. Did he look like his parents?
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