Lily Evans (x_lily_x) wrote in __incendio,
Lily Evans

Where: Hogsmeade, last trip before exams, during Easter Break.
Who: Anyone and everyone.
Why: Because explosions are fun and there is a war on, people!

Lily hadn't originally been planning on going to Hogsmeade this weekend. She had so much study to do, so much she still had to learn before their exams started, and to be perfectly honest, she just wasn't in the mood for a light hearted day at the shops. But then she had heard a group of detention-ridden second years talking about how prefects never have fun, and how they must just spend all their time thinking up new ways to make everyone else's life miserable and she got rather offended and made up her mind to go and have fun just to spite them. In reality, she was going to spite James and Sirius, whom she imagined shared a similar view of prefect as that of the second years she had overheard.

So it was that she was now on her way, alone, into the small, magical village. Although it was the end of March, it was still cold and they had had what would probably be their last snow fall of the year just two weeks ago. Although all trace of it was gone, the wind was still icy and Lily tugged her scarf tighter around her neck.

Entering the village, she glanced briefly at the students milling around. They were mostly fifth, sixth and seventh years, getting their last taste of freedom before the exams started, though there was the odd third and fourth year group wandering around. Most of the younger years, however, had gone home for easter, and so the village wasn't as busy as it normally would have been on a Hogwarts weekend out. She made her way to the shops, not intending on buying anything, just interested in window shopping. She strolled down the main street, a small smile on her face, quite glad now that she had come out. She had been cooped up in the library for so long that it felt nice to be out in the open.

As she reached the end of the main street, she decided to keep walking, meandering through the emptier streets adjacent to the main thoroughfare. She glanced behind her when she heard a crunching footstep, but the street was empty. Her mind was playing tricks on her - that's what she got for having only books for company for the past few days. Just to be safe, she turned to head back to where there were other people, but before she had gotten very far, she heard a gasp, a laugh and a smelled a strange sizzling.

Before she could turn around fully, an explosion rocked the air, throwing her backwards onto the main street and into the path of the now very confused students. She banged her elbow hard and winced, coughing as black smoke erupted around her. Her face was slightly blackened and as she scrambled to her feet and backwards, away from the source of the explosion, another bang rocketed through the air, magnified and echoing in the small town. There was panic all around and Lily could barely make out faces in the chaos. A third explosion, this time from behind her, made her whirl on the spot, her wand now in her hand and she looked to make some sense of the situation.
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