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Ever since I've been with you

Who: Ted and Andromeda
What: Valentine's Day!
Where: Head Girl's Office
Why: Because fluff is good, too.

'The operation of motor vehicles, more commonly called "cars", is dependent upon an internal combustion engine and the chemical interaction between the fuel source, usually a substance called "petrol", and oxygen in the air. This interaction is not unknown to wizarding alchemists, but Muggles ingeniously managed to harness it without, of course, the benefit of magic.'

But what the devil was "petrol"? Frowning a little in concentration, Andromeda flipped to the glossary at the back of Home Life and Social Habits of British Muggles. She felt silly reading a third year textbook for a class she'd never taken (Muggle Studies having been strictly forbidden by her parents, not that she'd have seen much benefit in it anyhow before Ted had caught her attention), but she was making a concerted effort to learn anything and everything she could about the Muggle world. It was getting off to a rather rocky start, and she hadn't even taken a stab at elec-whatever-it-was-called yet. 

The search for the definition of 'petrol' only lead to more problematic defenitions. Andy, curled up in one of two conjured bean bag chairs on her office floor, took it as a challenge. Aside from genuinely wanting to understand Muggles, she was trying to distract herself from the stupid, pointless nervousness that'd been popping up sporadically all day. She'd asked Ted to meet her here, and, after vanishing her desk and conjuring the bean bags, she'd needed something to keep herself occupied.

As Valentine's Day setups went, it was low-key. No candles, no schmaltzy music, no cupids flinging pink confetti everywhere. Just the bean bags--with a couple of things stashed behind Andy's--and them. She'd never done this before, and hadn't wanted to go too over-the-top. That didn't mean she still wasn't nervous; she'd tucked her hair behind her ear about five times in as many minutes. So much for distractions.
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