Lily Evans (x_lily_x) wrote in __incendio,
Lily Evans

Who: James and Lily
Why: Just because it's fun
Where: Binns Classroom and then who knows where

Lily sat in the classroom, leaning back in her chair with her feet propped up on the edge of the desk in front of her. Her book was leaning on her knees, but she wasn't reading it. Her journal was opened in the middle of the book and she was scrawling away to James, a small smile on her face. It had been about four minutes since he said he would be there, and so her eyes kept flitting to the door and then back to her journal. She wasn't sure if he was writing on the run or not, or where he had started from, but she was looking forward to the relief from her study. Even though technically he was coming to help her study. She looked up as the door swung open, a smile now broad on her face.
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