Ted Tonks (tonky_wonky) wrote in __incendio,
Ted Tonks

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when you're holding me

Who: Ted, Andy
Where: Clock Tower
What: A meeting that isn't a tryst.

The bottom part of Ted's trousers had, luckily, dried off by time he ran up the stairs of the Clock Tower. He'd told 'Dromeda five minutes (or was had it been ten?), but the line to check out books had been obscenely long. Apparently some of the third years had managed to pick up jinxed books that glued themselves to hands. Ted, though definitely not brilliant in the counter-Charms department, still felt the need to try to help Madame Pince.

"Sorry I'm late," he said, his voice coming out as a murmur instead of it's intended boisterous greeting. Ted figured it would take him a while to get over the surprise of seeing Andromeda actually standing there. The thought made a grin start tugging at the edges of his lip, hard to suppress.
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