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Oh, teenage hopes are lying at your door

Who: Ted and Andy
Where: Head Boy's office
What: ?

There was light under Ted's office door. Andromeda had been standing outside her own adjacent office for five minutes now staring at that sliver of firelight, trying to work up the courage to go and talk to him. It was over a week since the incident in her journal, and almost three since their fight in Diagon Alley, and much, much longer than that since they'd managed to have a civil conversation. That in itself was daunting, but moreso was the prospect of Ted just telling her to get out, to mind her own business and leave him alone. The worst of it was that she knew he wouldn't be out of line to do so.

Andromeda was still angry with him for things he'd said both in person and on paper, but while she felt she was owed an apology as much as she owed plenty of those in return, she was scared for Ted. Both his outburst and his subsequent withdrawal were so unlike him, and angry or not, she couldn't stand to see him like this any longer. She wasn't sure what it meant that watching Ted be so miserable made her even more miserable than she had been, but she couldn't sit by and not try and help him.

Nerves unpleasantly twisty in her stomach, Andy drew a deep breath and laid a hand against the cold, clammy stones of the wall for a second, bracing herself. There was no excuse for not at least making an attempt to help Ted just because she was afraid. Hadn't she been selfish enough already, and at his expense?

Jittery and worried, she stepped forward, chided herself for being a coward about it, and knocked three quick, light knocks on his door.
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