Lily Evans (x_lily_x) wrote in __incendio,
Lily Evans

Who: Lily and James, and anyone else who wants to join in after a while
Where: Common Room, armchair by the fire
Why: Lily is apologising and taking a much needed break. And because rp is fun!

Lily sat in the armchair by the fire, her legs over the side, staring into the flames, completely lost in thought. She had been going and going for days, not letting herself pause to take a breath, angry and upset and not wanting to think about anything because thinking hurt. So she had thrown herself into her school work, spending any free time she had in the library and only seeing James on rare occasions after lunch or before bed. It hadn't been nice or fun, but it had been easier than stopping and figuring out why she was acting like such a cow to her friends. Until, of course, she was pulled up on it. And then it hit her like a sledge hammer, forcing her to stop and take note of exactly what was going on inside her head.

So here she was, sitting, staring at the fire, her thoughts in a muddle as she tried to sort out why Ted's comment about Gordy had gotten her so angry, why she hadn't been able to sit still for any length of time, why the ministry's letter was in four pieces up in her room after she had torn it in frustration after she had read it. Why things were affecting her so much more than usual and why she wasn't dealing with things at all.

But right now, the only thing she wanted to do, was to sit and spend time with James. To not worry about things, to not be angry, to just relax, to be with someone she trusted, to let her guard down. Maybe then she could start figuring out how to fix things.
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