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Am I losing my cool over stating my case?

Who: Ted and Andromeda
Where: Diagon Alley
What: The tension comes to a drastic end.
When: A week or so before the train ride back home.

It was way too cold outside for ice cream, and Ted and his sisters were paying dearly for their momentary rebellion against the weather. He had been surprised by the number of wizards in the ice cream parlor--though he supposed he should have been used to wizards being weird by now--and his sisters, still a little nervous (though excited) about the drastically different atmosphere, preferred to walk outside and look into the shop windows.

Christmas holidays had been more difficult then he expected them to be. The momentary relief upon walking through his front door and finding his family safe and sound had been immediately replaced by a hollow feeling in his stomach. The worst part was, he immediately knew what it was a symptom of. At Hogwarts, he had been able to glance at Andromeda out of the corner of his eyes, and reassure himself that despite everything, she was doing all right. Sort of. At home, he didn't even have the luxury of delusion.

Furthermore, it caused him to be angry and snappish at anyone who dared ask him a question about Hogwarts itself. Everything in his mind had become intrinsically linked to Andromeda somehow, making him more angry at himself for being ridiculous. Angry at himself for still caring, despite the fact that she had made it more then obvious she wanted nothing to do with him. Teach me to ever get my hopes up again, was a constant chide he bitterly thought to himself often.

Still, though, he was determined not to mope around today. Besides, it was a little difficult to when his twin sisters insisted on loudly exclaiming at everything they saw, leaving him briskly walking after them, hoping they didn't get too far out of sight.
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