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Who: Lily, Petunia, their parents, and James
Where: Lily's house
When: A few days after Christmas
What: Tea and first impressions

James had always liked the Knight Bus. He liked the way it careened about the countryside, liked all the odd and various people, liked wondering why they didn’t just Apparate to wherever they were going. Or fly. He’d have flown, personally, except it was too bloody cold. (Nevermind he hoped to use Padfoot’s motorbike to pick Lily up for New Year’s Eve—that had a definite cool factor built in that made it worth freezing for. She’d seen him fly loads of times, though, and he felt that it was no longer quite impressive enough to merit that much discomfort. Hence Knight Bus.)

Giving a jaunty wave to a green-tinged old wizard, James took the steps two at a time and looked at the house before him. The bus departed behind him with a loud bang, but he ignored it; he’d never been in a Muggle house before, nor indeed this close to one, and he was decidedly curious. That was of course to say nothing of the mischievous delight he took in the prospect of meeting Petunia Evans.

Breaking personal tradition by trying to smooth down his hair instead of the opposite, James cleared his throat and made an attempt to ignore the last-minute jitters that were setting in. He skirted the car that was in the drive, cracked his knuckles quickly out of nervous habit, and knocked on the front door.
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