Andromeda Black (dromedablack) wrote in __incendio,
Andromeda Black

Owl: Andromeda to Patch, on Christmas night


Happy Christmas; I hope everything's alright at Hogwarts. Presents for you and Lucy are attached.

That isn't why I wrote. You said that when I remembered that I have friends who love me and are worried about me, that I'd know where you are. I remembered. You were right about everything, about coming home and about how making them angry doesn't matter, not anymore, and I'm so sorry, Patch. I've been a horrible friend for most of term, and I know that. I didn't even ask if you were alright about this being your first Christmas on your own. Are you alright about it?

I'm going to see Sirius at the Potters' in a few days. I'd have gone sooner, but that's the earliest I'll be able to sneak away. There's a different party or benefit or fundraiser every night that I'm expected to attend with my family; you know how it is. I just want to go back to school. It feels more like home than the manor does.

Tell Lucy I said hello, won't you? I hope you're well. I miss you.


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