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Hogsmeade with the Slytherins and Lucy

Who: Lucy, Slytherins and Andy, eventually, if that's ok with Allie!
Where: Hogsmeade
Why: Because Lucy needs to be 'welcomed into the group'. Also, it wouldn't fit into one reply on the Hogsmeade thread.

If you guys want to join in with random Slytherins, please do! This our chance to write some of the bad guys in this world! There are loads of them who are NPC's, go grab one and go mad.

Lucy grinned as a group of Slytherins and her walked across the lawns towards the gates of the school. They were on their way to Hogsmeade and it was the first time she had had anyone to go with. They were joking and laughing (mostly at people, but she had grown used to that) and almost all of them were in high spirits. The holidays were almost there and they were looking forward to this last trip to Hogsmeade.

Entering the town, they made their way to The Hogs Head, not one of the nicer pubs in town, but the pub of choice if you wanted to talk about things you didn't want other students hearing. Lucy had been shocked the first time they started talking about the things they had planned for when they left school, and referring to Voldemort as the Dark Lord, but again, it was something she had grown used to. Although she didn't hate people who were not Pureblood, she had learned to keep that opinion to herself and tended to just keep her mouth closed when they started talking about anything to do with Muggleborns. Once they had brought up the topic of blood traitors and someone had mentioned Patch. All eyes had turned to her and she had turned red and shrugged. She wasn't going to say anything bad about her brother and she knew she couldn't admit to still talking to him and liking him.

Luckily, Vesta had chided them all on making her feel embarrassed by bringing up her outcast brother. The other girl just presumed that Lucy kept quiet because she was ashamed of her brother, that she couldn't excuse what he had done and now no longer like to talk about him. Well, nothing could be further from the truth, but if it meant that no one brought him up in conversation, then Lucy was happy to let them think what they liked.

Now, they crowded around a table in the Hogs Head, whispering about something. Lucy wasn't paying attention, her were on Regulus as he sat slightly back from the group. He had been so nice to her since she had started sitting with them and hanging out with them, him and Barty. They treated her like a real friend and she could never tell them how much she appreciated it. Her cheeks reddened as he caught her staring at him and her gaze fell to the floor.

Soon, they all left the pub, an air of excitement around them. Lucy had started to get butterflies in her stomach and she couldn't keep the happy look of expectancy off of her face. They had promised her a surprise, something that would fully cement her in their group. She couldn't begin to imagine what it was, and though she was a little apprehensive, the way they were all acting convinced her that it was something amazing.

They rounded a corner, getting further out of town, until they finally stopped beside a big old barn. The snow here was untouched, as no student had ventured here today. Most were staying inside where it was warm. Lucy looked around expectantly and realised Crabbe and Goyle were missing. She turned as she heard footsteps approaching and gasped, though it was luckily smothered in her scarf. Crabbe was carrying a boy over his shoulder, unconscious, a boy who could be no more than 15 years old.

Her eyes widened as they threw him to the ground and his eyes fluttered open, a look of fear on his face as he took in the group standing around him. He tried to stand, but Crabbe pushed him down with a growl.

"Ta-da!" cried Barty, breaking the silence, causing the others to laugh menacingly. All eyes were on her, and she wasn't sure what they were expecting. "Here you go, little sister, you're Christmas present. Sorry it's not wrapped, but it's much more fun when we can see their faces."

With a jolt, Lucy realised the boy on the ground was a Muggle, and the reason for him being there started to dawn on her. Her 'surprise' was a Muggle boy and she was pretty sure she wasn't supposed to take him home with her.

She stepped forward, a lump in her throat with she swallowed before speaking, her voice a lot stronger than she felt. "What do you want me to do to him?" she asked, though she was starting to guess the answer.

"Oh, it's easy, Luce," came a laugh from behind her, as Vesta stepped forward, a smile on her face. "All you have to do is point your wand, Crucio the Muggle and we'll all head back to the Hogs Head for a Butterbeer. Only this time, you'll be one of us, properly."

"Crucio?" Lucy asked, feeling as though the wind had been knocked out of her. They wanted her to Crucio the boy on the ground. She turned to look at him, and even though he clearly had no idea was Crucio was, he could tell it wasn't a good thing. His eyes looked at her, pleading her to help him, to stop whatever it was that was coming. Lucy looked away.

Taking out her wand, to whistles and cheers from the surrounding Slytherins, she stepped closer to the boy. The Muggle, she corrected herself in her head. He wasn't a boy. He was just a Muggle. Swallowing thickly, she raised her wands, her ears buzzing. She could hear nothing else, see nothing else, only the boy in front of her and her own voice inside her head.

"Crucio," she whispered finally, pointing her wand. Nothing happened. She looked around in confusion. The whistles and cheers had stopped and now there was silence.

"You have to mean it Lucy!" Vesta called from behind her, a warning in her tone. "This Muggle represents everything we hate. He is the one polluting our bloodlines, He is the one infecting our schools, HE IS THE ONE WE MUST GET RID OF!"

Lucy nodded, her head turned back to the boy. His eyes were wide open now, tears on his cheeks and he was mumbling, pleading for his life. He didn't move, having learned that if he tried, he would receive a well-aimed kick from Crabbe. She stared at him, her wand raised, trying desperately to see in him all the things she was supposed to hate. But you don't hate them, a small voice said. You don't hate this boy, and you don't hate Muggles. She blocked it out, she had to do this, had to be accepted. You don't have to do anything. You don't have to do this. Suddenly her brother's face came to her mind, the image jolting her more than she thought possible. She knew that given the chance, the Slytherins standing around her would do the same thing to Patch that she was about to do to this boy. She wouldn't do it.

She turned, her chin jutting defiantly, and spoke. "No. I won't do it. Let him go."
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