Alice Underwood (bubblegum_toads) wrote in __incendio,
Alice Underwood

Who: Alice, Evan
What: A conveniently chance encounter.
Where: Library > ?
When: Hogsmeade...ish. Early.

The library was almost empty. There were half a dozen heads bowed down over parchments in the whole, large room. Alice assumed that most people had gone off to Hogsmeade, but she had already finished most of her Christmas shopping, and didn't feel like milling around a large crowd--especially knowing that she'd get more then her fair share of sympathetic after the rather public incident that took place between her and Frank. So much for her plane of keeping the breakup quiet.

She glanced down at the crinkled piece of paper in her hands as she made her way between the bookshelves. Though Alice had copied the reference number neatly, the ink had smeared, and she couldn't make out where the Potions text she wanted to read over the holidays was. Pausing infront of a likely looking shelf, she bit her bottom lip, and stared forward so intently that she didn't notice the pair of brown eyes staring back on the other side of the shelf.

"Evan!" She mouthed, then whispered as quietly as she could.
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