Tightbottom (frankly__frank) wrote in __incendio,

Presumed Debauchery Outside the Astronomy Tower

Who: Frank and Rose
Where: Outside the Astronomy Tower
When: Sometime before Hogsmeade but after Frank's row with Alice.
Why: Frank needs a smoke, and Rose knows all about releasing tension. ;P

NOTE: Rather explicit goings on within. Do be aware. plzkthx.

He wasn't trying to be sneaky, but Frank really didn't want to deal with anyone right now. Especially Alice. Though he figured he was relatively safe on that one, because as it stood, Alice wanted nothing to do with him. With his hands hooked casually to his pockets, Frank sauntered rather nonchalantly to the Astronomy tower. If he did run into anyone he didn't want to deal with, at least he didn't look suspicious. But to be quite honest, Frank was done wondering what other people thought of him.
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